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What We Are About 

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MICDC Farm and Food Project includes a community farm and garden incubator. 

The site is located in unincorporated Germanton, NC,  historic site of the Memorial Industrial School, a working farm orphanage for American children until 1972. 

Lessons of self-sufficiency and all aspects of farming were taught at the Memorial Industrial School. 

The  Farm and Food project will continue the legacy of partnering with the county to provide educational opportunities and space to practice agriculture.  


The Memorial Industrial Community Development Corporation seeks to improve the quality of life for Forsyth County residents by addressing social determinants of health and the impact of food and nutrition on poverty while preserving the historical and rural character of the area.

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To see more urban farmers, community gardens and backyard gardeners in all neighborhoods of Forsyth County, helping to increase the local food supply, improve economic conditions for families and neighborhoods,  and to improve social outcomes for all citizens.  

  • Improve our ability to establish a community development capacity which creates jobs and recognizes health as part of community development

  • Establish a fully integrated Community of Partners connecting rural and urban area resources that bring together farm programs to sustain the production and consumption of local foods.

  • Help beginning farmers to improve their success in agriculture through support provided in the incubator that consist of ecological and environmental soundness, economic viability, and social justice.

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